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Atom 9 Nissan, 35 Spline Chromoly Spool

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Atom 9 35 Spline Chromoly Spool, specially designed for Y60/Y61 axles (GQ/GU in Australia).
This fits all type H233B 3rd members, front or rear and will accept any aftermarket 35 spline axle shaft.
This spool has a different offset to the S9902173 (ATOM NISSAN Y60/61-35 Spline Spool VAC).

This spool is 100% interchangeable with Atom 9 locker S9902159
Designed and manufactured in Belgium using ISO9001 and EN9100.
Tested and approved in the most extreme conditions and environments.
This product is FULL Chromoly, heat treated and machined to meet the most tight tolerances.

Y61, Patrol GU Front and Rear
YEAR :1998 onwards
SHAFT DIAMETER: 38.1mm (1.50″)
SPLINE SHAFT: 35  (30° pressure angle)

Y60, Patrol GQ Front and Rear 1988-98
SHAFT DIAMETER: 38.1mm (1.50″)
SPLINE SHAFT: 35 (30° pressure angle)

Only works with Atom 9 Large Carrier Bearing Kit (S9902158)

Product Brand: Atom 9
Product Code: S9902172
Our Price: £455.00  
Inc VAT: £546.00

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