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Freespool Drums

Freespool drums for 8274 and GP80 winches


The country... Scotland. The year...2006. The event...The Argyll Forest Challenge.

This was always going to be hardcore with some of the best teams in Europe fighting for the title, every possible advantage was required. This was the event of the year, the grudge match, the best two vehicle teams going head to head and Team Gigglepin needed an edge. Step forward winch ace Jim Marsden...

Team Gigglepin heading for the podium using the all new Freespool 8274 drum and 1st generation Gigglepin Twin-motor winch
4th placed Justin Dean using a 1st gen Gigglepin Twin-motor 2nd placed Team MCS using a 1st gen Gigglepin Twin-motor 1st place Pete Whitman using a 1st gen Gigglepin Twin-motor

Gigglepin were the first company in the Northern Hemisphere to produce a Freespool drum for Warn 8274, and it was first used in anger at Ultra tough Argyll forest challenge, Scotland 2006. That first Free-spool drum also saw the use of a longer +3" (76mm) spool, this worked superbly well and Team Gigglepin found themselves on the Podium yet again. While testing, Jim and the Team found various problems with using the existing Warn 8274 lower housing as these were often not square and caused issues with the drum binding. Due to this problem, the guys at Gigglepin designed a whole new lower housing and drum assembly.

The GP80 series lower housing was born!


Gigglepin +3"(76mm) narrow drum for 8274 GP80 series lower housing Gigglepin Free-spool drum for 8274

The GP80 series winches and lower housings

The all-new GP80 series Freespool lower housing arrived in time for Chris Abel to use one at the 90-degree Challenge. Chris and Simon Wilkinson won the title after two hard days of top end winch challenge action.

They were both blown away with the winch and soon order's for the new unit started to flood in.

Chris Abel and Simon Wilkinson on their way to winning the "90 Degree Challenge" using the very first Gigglepin GP80 series lower housing.

Over the next years the team carried out many refinements to the GP80 series lower housing and they now offer the MK4s version that is also used on the GP80 series of winches.

The Mk4s is the pinnacle of winch design and uses LM heat-treated cast housings with multiple mounting positions.

The drum has a 2.52 (64mm) diameter spool; this is possible due to the large bearings that allow smooth, powerful operation. The drum is also 32 (76mm) longer than standard Warn 8274 allowing over 200ft of 11m rope to be used if required. The GP80 series uses an air operated free-spool mechanism that allows total control with the flick of a switch that gives a silky smooth operation.

Gigglepin also offer an upgrade drum for all early Mark 1, 2 and 3 GP80 series. This upgrade drum is available separately and offers many of the new features found on the Mark 4. This means that you can have the latest specification without having to replace your winch. No other winch manufacturer offers these types of upgrades. Give us a call or mail us with your serial number and we will happily check if you are compatible for this upgrade

View The Upgrade Drum

Team Acerni Desert Foxx Ladies Team Team Desert Foxx
Team Granville Team OffroadTerror Steve Gittens
Team Gigglepin Axel Burman Navin Marapana

Gigglepin 8274 Free-spool drum

In 2010 we were surprised to learn that another 8274 free-spool drum had been launched in the UK and even more surprised by its source.

Soon after this we started receiving requests for a cost effective solution like the very first unit we had produced 4 years earlier.

Gigglepin understood the problems better than anyone and redesigned their original drum before launching in early 2011.

The problems revolve around using a the original Warn 8274 lower housing as the mountings are rarely square, plus also having to retain the fibre drum bush and original style Warn drum seals.

The new Gigglepin Freespool drum for 8274 utilises EN36 case hardened dog engagement technology as found in the GP80 series for total reliability. It also uses a 3.5" (89mm) spool for maximum mechanical advantage for the end user (Co driver). It also is the only drum of its type to have spaced 8mm end plates to stop drum flex that can destroy gearbox casings when synthetic rope is used.

The free end bearing is the largest sealed bearing you can use and fits snugly into a custom billet aluminium housing that is also supplied with the drum.

The Gigglepin freespool 8274 drum is the only drum system that is supplied complete with everything you need with no hidden extras!

Do not be fooled by inferior imitations!

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