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The Defender Saver range from Gigglepin is the next line of defence in protecting your Land Rover Defender from would-be thieves.

The Gigglepin Defender Saver Lockable Battery Box Lid is constructed from heavy duty 3mm steel, with welded support bars giving massive strength. A three bar locking mechanism with tubular key lock, and double rear mounting adds even more layers of protection. It sits directly under the passenger seat in your Defender, preventing any unwanted access to your battery.

The Gigglepin Defender Disconnect is yet another layer of security to help prevent your Land Rover Defender from being stolen. This device fits inside your Defender battery box and disconnects your main battery live feed without cutting off your central locking, alarm or stereo. With your main battery supply disconnected, thieves cannot start your Land Rover. Used in conjunction with the Gigglepin Defender Saver Battery Cover, this multi-layered system protects your Defender.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products