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Gigglepin GP100 Bow 2 Powered Twin Motor Competition Winch
Gigglepin GP100 Bow 2 Powered Twin Motor Competition Winch
Gigglepin GP100 Bow 2 Powered Twin Motor Competition Winch
Gigglepin GP100 Bow 2 Powered Twin Motor Competition Winch
Gigglepin GP100 Bow 2 Powered Twin Motor Competition Winch

Product Description

Its Strong, its Light and installed with legendary Gigglepin reliability!

Available with six different ratios, three different drum lengths. Is it in a class of it's own and has raised the standard for High Performance Winching. It's 4kg lighter than the previous GP80 and 10kg lighter than other manufacturer's twin motor winches.

This electric winch has been tested vigorously, the GP100 won its first competitive outing and has been dominating the off-road world (worldwide) ever-since, winning such events as the Croatia Trophy, Breslau Rallye, Graf Trophy, Portugal Extrem, Thailand Extreme, the Ultra4 European Championship, to name a few. With off-load line speeds from 80ft up to 600ft per minute, there is a GP100 for everyone!

It has the following amazing features-

Six different ratios Standard +00%, +15%, +25%, +40%, +50% & +60% to suit all applications,
Super smooth air operated FreeSpool drum,
Stronger, lightweight, cast aluminium housings,
High performance EN36 heat treated gears,
Three drum sizes - Short 10 (254mm), Standard 13 (+76mm), Long 14.5 (+114mm),
11 Roller bearings for silky smooth operation,
Removable stainless steel Brake Pawl mount,
Fully submersible,
Supplied with Bow Motor 2 (12V or 24V),
Gigglepin Solenoids, PowerBars and Wiring (Pro 100 as standard, Pro 150 as optional extra)
18 symmetrical M12 mounting points,
Super strong polished stainless steel Fairlead,
External ratchet brake,
Billet drum end plate with rear BraceBars,
Oil Filled gearbox for perfect lubrication,
Large drain and filler plugs,
Serial numbered for traceability,
Can be supplied with Gigglepin MBS system,
Can be supplied with Hellfire or Hurricane (or both) gearsets fitted at no extra cost
Designed and built in UK.


3 Year Mechanical Warranty (Motors and Solenoids not included)

* Can be supplied with Hellfire or Hurricane Gears to give more ratio options at no extra cost at point of order!

The Hurricane Gear set offers the following speed increases:

Standard ratios                              Fitted with Hurricane gears

+ 00%    133.28:1                            Becomes +31%   91.82:1

+ 15%    115.41:1                             Becomes +40%   79.50:1

+ 25%    100.94:1                            Becomes +48%   69.53:1

+ 40%      83.75:1                             Becomes +57%   57.69:1

+ 50%      66.56:1                             Becomes +66%   45.86:1

+ 60%      53.68:1                             Becomes +72%   36.98:1

The NEW Hellfire gears are made from our usual heat treated EN36 steel, and offer the following speed increases when using a standard GP mainshaft:

Standard GP100 ratios         Fitted with Hellfire gears
+ 00% 133.28:1                     Becomes +55% 59.39:1
+ 15% 115.41:1                     Becomes +61% 51.43:1
+ 25% 100.94:1                     Becomes +66% 44.98:1
+ 40% 83.75:1                       Becomes +72% 37.32:1
+ 50% 66.56:1                       Becomes +78% 29.66:1
+ 60% 53.68:1                       Becomes +82% 23.92:1

The NEW Hellfire gears offer the following speed increases when combined with the Hurricane gears:

Standard GP100 ratios                Fitted with Hurricane and Hellfire gears

     + 00% 133.28:1                         Becomes +69% 40.92:1
+ 15% 115.41:1                         Becomes +73% 35.43:1
+ 25% 100.94:1                         Becomes +77% 30.99:1
+ 40% 83.75:1                           Becomes +81% 25.71:1
+ 50% 66.56:1                           Becomes +85% 20.43:1
+ 60% 53.68:1                           Becomes +88% 16.48:1

To watch our demonstration video please see below or click here

Dimensions sheets for all three drum sizes available to download here -
Standard Drum (76mm Longer than Warn 8274)
Short Drum (Same as Warn 8274)
Long Drum (114mm Longer than Warn 8274)

Winch Weights & Shipping Weights -

Winch Type Actual Weight Shipping Weight
GP100 Standard Drum 53.5kg 62kg
GP100 Short Drum 51.6kg 60kg
GP100 Long Drum 54.5kg 63kg
GP100 Standard Drum with MBS 56.5kg 65kg
GP100 Short Drum with MBS 54.6kg 63kg
GP100 Long Drum with MBS 57.5kg 66kg


If you are unsure of your winching requirements, or have any questions or queries, please get in touch with our experienced sales team on or call on +44 (0)1732 463600



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Gigglepin GP100 Bow 2 Powered Twin Motor Competition Winch

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