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Safari Snorkel LR Defender 300TDI & TD5

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Fits Defender 90/110/130 300tdi, TD5 & Puma

By utilizing the original ducting and air cleaner assembly - without compromising air flow means that the Safari snorkel systems delivers the maximum convenience for those who wish to install additional under-hood accessories. Huge air flow is but one aspect of the ultimate in snorkel design. The Safari air ram is designed to perform two very important roles. The most obvious is to funnel cool clean air into the snorkel body - but just as importantly, the Safari air ram acts as a higly efficient water separator to remove rain water from the incoming air stream - thus ensuring safe engine operation through even the most torrential tropical storms. In addition, the detachable Safari air ram can be rotated to any position. This means great peace of mind for those who plan to travel in cold or high altitude conditions where heavy snow falls are anticipated. By rotating the air ram to face away from the prevailing wind/direction of motion, the air ram delivers additional protection from the choking effects of snow build-up inside the air intake. The Safari Snorkel body and air ram are manufactured to the highest standards in durable, UV stable, cross linked polyethylene material. In addition, the substantial material wall thickness delivers huge physical strength to ensure that the snorkel breezes through the toughest off-road conditions on the planet. The Safari Snorkel system is supplied as a complete and comprehensive system that includes every nut, bolt and bracket required for installation - right from robust zero-corrosion stainless steel studs, self-locking nyloc nuts and large diameter anodized body washers through to the tough plastic A-pillar inserts. An accurately marked template is also provided to ensure that the installation of the snorkel body to panel work is as precise as possible and eliminates any guess work where holes need to be drilled.
Product Brand: Safari Snorkels
Product Code: SS575HF
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